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 Professional Detailing Services

We are now offering ceramic coatings!

Click below to view our ceramic coating options!

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Amethyst Detailing is based in Mountain Green, Utah and provides services to clients around Northern Utah. Our mission at Amethyst Detailing is to provide high-quality services for clients who want more than just a car wash. Amethyst Detailing is not the average detailing business. We provide concierge level detailing services to our clients. Attention to detail is extremely important as well as being efficient in organized. Our goal is to make your vehicle look brand new like it just came straight from the factory or better. 

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We offer a variety of detailing options for different vehicles like sedans, SUV's, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and trailers. We also construct custom maintenance plans that coincide your needs, budget, and schedule so your vehicle can stay spotless throughout the year. We offer mobile detailing services and detailing services at our location. Additional fees may apply for mobile services.

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