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Exterior Detail


Our exterior detailing option offers a meticulous cleaning on the vehicle's exterior. All rubber and plastic will be treated with a UV protectant. Paint will be cleaned and coated with our premier paint sealant. Wheels, wheel wells, and exterior glass and door jambs will also be cleaned.  All rubber and plastic will be treated with a UV protectant/sealant and chrome will be polished and restored. (Price will differ depending on size and condition)

Interior Detail


Our interior detailing option offers an in-depth cleaning on the vehicle's interior. All plastics, leather, wood, trim, rubber seals and floor mats will be cleaned and protected with a UV protectant. Carpets and upholstery will be shampooed. Headliner, door jams and the interior glass will be cleaned as well. (Price will differ depending on size and condition)

Full Vehicle Detail


Our full vehicle detail offers the best of our exterior and interior details in one detail. All services included in the exterior and interior details are included in our full detail. (Price may exceed prices listed above).


Paint Correction

We offer different levels of paint correction for each customer. Every car's paint has specific needs and will require different amounts of work. We charge $65 per hour for this detail. This will include a full exterior detail with a clay bar to remove all debris in the paint and a correction of the paint. We recommend having a ceramic coating installed in order to protect your paint from future swirls and contaminants. (Price will depend on the customer's wanted result of the paint)


Click above to view our ceramic coating options!

Flag Representing First Responder, Military Etc..jpg

We support our military and first responders! A 15% discount will be included on any detailing option if you are a member of the military or a first responder!

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Headlight Restoration


All headlights require a different amount of correction in order to look brand new. Headlights will be polished and if needed, sanded in order to remove failing clear coat and oxidation. After the headlights are corrected, a 1 year ceramic coating/sealant will be applied. (Price may increase if 2+ hours are needed to correct the headlights.)

Maintainance Plan

We will construct a maintenance plan for a vehicle that will be custom to each client. The purpose of a maintenance plan is to keep your vehicle clean and spotless throughout the entire year. Price will depend on what will be done to the vehicle and how often your vehicle will be cleaned. Contact us for more information about a maintenance plan for your vehicle!

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